It's Time to Meet the Saucerbabies!

It's Time to Meet the Saucerbabies!

Bunzaud is a saucerman whose home city, Peebleton, is inhabited by other saucermen and saucerwomen.  Their offspring are known as saucerbabies. Sadly, Peebleton is riddled with pock holes, just the right size for unsuspecting saucerbabies to fall into.

Although not deep, the pock holes cause quite a quandary as the parents can only reach one arm in to rescue their little ones and the saucerbaby heads are far too bulbous to be grabbed with one hand. It’s a serious calamity.

Enter Bunzaud, an extraordinary inventor who has created just the device for rescuing little boys and girls from these pits. And it’s not the first time Bunzaud has helped the infant saucermen.

Saucerbabies love drinking milk. They always want more after their mothers say they’ve had enough and they cry inconsolably. As a boy Bunzaud was distressed by the wails of saucerbabies and invented an apparatus to sooth the little ones. The device was round at one end and just the right size and shape to fit in an infant’s mouth.  The other end had a ring for easy removal. He named the invention the Sucker Plugger and it delighted babies all over Peebleton.

Bunzaud has always been intrigued by saucerbabies and now as an adult he hopes to marry, get a saucerhouse and fill it with saucerbabies of his own. He even has a saucerwoman in mind to marry. What could go wrong?

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