The Channel's Alien Filled Website Launch

The Channel's Alien Filled Website Launch

There was no shortage of alien fun at The Alien Channel's launch party on 8 November 2013.

The launch was attended by cast and crew members from Alien Joe and upcoming series The Men in Really Dark Blue Suits and The Alien in my Wardrobe.

Fans and supporters also attended.

Aliens lurked and The Men in Really Dark Blue Suits' cheeky alien Streeka made an appearance - never one to miss a party!

The launch included a screening of Alien Joe.  Stars of the show who attended the premiere included Patrick Bell, Pia O'Connell, Wayne Bassett and Peter Lovely.

It was a wonderful celebration for the many volunteers who worked so hard to make The Alien Channel a success.  This is just the beginning with many alien adventures to come.  Put your space helmet on and strap yourself in.  The adventures have only just begun!  

This is The Alien Channel.

Cast and crew of Alien Joe

AT THE LAUNCH:  Cast and crew members of Alien Joe, Brendan O'Brien, Peter Lovely, Liam Murphy, Patrick Bell, Lauren Moore, Pia O'Connell, Katie Bradley, Michael Riley and Wayne Bassett.

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