About The Alien Channel

Love alien science fiction TV?  So do we! The Alien Channel’s Earth Headquarters is based in Brisbane, Australia.

Our Space Mission

  • to create an awesome sci fi experience for our audience
  • to produce and broadcast short films, feature films and web series about space and aliens
  • to create fantastic work opportunities for local artists
  • to make planet Earth a better place through ethical production and business practices

Meet the Team at Mission Control

Celeste Palmer is the head writer and executive producer of The Alien Channel.  As a child she went through a space phase and never left it.  Celeste loves telling stories about space and aliens because in a sci fi world anything is possible. Celeste has never seen a UFO or an alien (when she’s not on set) nor does she expect to.  She doesn’t believe in aliens, she believes in Jesus.

 The Alien Channel Producers