Fall Backwards into Adventure - Get Chapter 1 For Free!

Fall Backwards into Adventure - Get Chapter 1 For Free!

Get Chapter 1 For Free!

Want to join Bunzaud on his space adventures? Get a taste of The Adventures of Bunzaud when you get Chapter 1 for free!

Who is Bunzaud? Is he really that cheeky? What in the universe is a pock hole plucker?

In Chapter 1 you’ll meet Bunzaud’s best friend Ahlia as well as the potential father-in-law from hell. Bunzaud will make a discovery that will change his life and eventually take him on a wild space adventure.

Get Chapter 1 now.

Let us know where in the universe you would like Chapter 1 sent and we’ll teleport it to your inbox faster than a saucerbaby can fall into a pock hole!

The Adventures of Bunzaud book and medallion set is available now from The Alien Channel Store.

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