A Real-Life Alien Invasion is Coming (Sort Of)

A Real-Life Alien Invasion is Coming (Sort Of)

There's an alien invasion coming to the world. It's not sci-fi. It's real life. It's also the biggest UFO hoax ever perpetrated on the people of planet Earth. And it is being orchestrated by a joint effort of the best liars in the universe: demons and humans.

Lift Up Your Heads

is a Substack created to discuss the coming deception.

The main focus of the Substack is the coming fake alien invasion, but it covers related topics too such as, free will, evil human agendas, inoculations, the Mark of the Beast, public prayer, and demonic tricks to keep us away from God. Wondering what the liars are up to? Start with these articles:

A Fake Alien Invasion

You Will Know Them By Their Fruits

Extraterrestrials Don't Exist

The Truth About Alien Abductions

Get Ready for Blue Beam

UFOs: A Demonic Deception

The Pope Would Baptise Aliens

Ancient Aliens

Beware the Hybrids

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