Who is Bunzaud?

Who is Bunzaud?

He’s cheeky, ingenious and can’t stop digging himself into trouble.

Now you know Bunzaud is coming, you’re probably wondering who on Earth he is!

Find out some facts with this handy profile.


Name: Bunzaud

Species: Saucerman

Height: 100cm

Hair: A small tuft growing from the top of his head, just enough to prove he is indeed a saucerman and no longer a saucerboy.

Home Town: Peebleton

Home Planet: Warblegrun

Language: Peebletonian

Occupation: Inventor

Favourite Tool: pickaxe

Hates: plastic, nastiness and injustice

Loves:  using his brain, adventure and Ahlia

Favourite Holiday: Junk Day (not technically a holiday, but Bunzaud looks forward to it more than children look forward to Christmas)

Favourite Food: sweetfruit


The Adventures of Bunzaud is a space adventure novel that will to delight the whole family.  It will be released 10 October 2017.

Available exclusively from The Alien Channel Store.

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