Screenwriting Course for High School Students

Screenwriting Course for High School Students

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You want to tell stories and make movies. But you want them to be good, to make people say, “Wow!”

You might not know where to start or perhaps you’ve tried and got lost along the way. Maybe your writing never seems quite as good on the page as it did in your head.

If you’re high school aged and you want to learn how to really write well, The Alien Channel’s Screenwriting Intensive is the event you’ve been waiting for.

Online - Tuesdays - Term 4, 2022

5-7pm Brisbane time (Eastern Australian Standard Time) Check the Time Zone Converter to find your local time. Brisbane doesn't have daylight saving.

20 hours over 10 weeks

First session: 4 October 2022 - Final session: 6 December 2022

This course is for students aged 12-17. Enrol now!

Learn professional screenwriting techniques while you write your own short film script.

Any topic. Any Genre.

You choose what to write.


Session 1 - (4 Oct): Everything you need to know to get started.

Session 2 - (11 Oct): The Ideas Factory

Session 3 - (18 Oct): Creating Characters

Session 4 - (25 Oct): Planning your Plot

Session 5 - (1 Nov): Drafting Dialogue

Session 6 - (8 Nov): How to Write

Session 7 - (15 Nov): Rewriting

Session 8 - (22 Nov): Editing

Session 9 - (29 Nov): Table Reads - Part 1

Session 10 - (6 Dec): Table Reads - Part 2

Only 12 places available in this class. Enrol now!

 About the teacher:

Celeste Palmer has been an educator for over 25 year and worked with young people of all ages, from newborns to young adult and every age in between. 

She's also a writer of many works, including The Adventures of Bunzaud and So I Married the Alien President.  

Celeste has spent years studying and practicing the craft of writing, learning how to streamline the writing process, rather than get mired in the dark pit of backstory, or lost somewhere in rewrites. She's gathered a toolkit of skills the professionals use and turned them into a step by step guide.

What others have said about this course:

I wasn’t great at English at school but had a great time doing this course with Celeste! Whether you’re an expert storyteller or an absolute novice (like me), this intensive is a fun, safe place to express yourself and have a go. - Tom

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Do you have to attend the live workshops?
A. Yes, there will be no recording. Plus, at the end of the course we showcase our work by having table reads. They must be done live.

If you can't make it to this course, keep checking the website for updates. Future course dates may suit you better and there might be a week long school holiday program coming up.

Q. What if I enrol now but something comes up to prevent me from starting the course?
A. If you need to withdraw before the course has started, you can email to request a full refund.

Q. If I get sick or can’t attend a session for another reason, can I have a refund for that session?
A. No, but you can ask for a catch-up lesson with your teacher to be held the same week, at a mutually convenient time. This will ensure you keep up with your classmates. Catch up lessons are available for weeks 1-8. Weeks 9 and 10 must be attended in person.

Q. Do I have to write about science fiction? What if I want to do a comedy, action or romance?
A. You can write any genre and topic you want, just as long as it’s suitable for a general audience.

Q. I’m not in Australia. Can I still join the course?
A. Yes, high schoolers from anywhere in the world can enrol. You need to read and write in English. Check the class times against your local time to ensure it will be convenient for you to attend. You have to attend the live classes, there will be no recordings.

Have other questions? Email

The Alien Channel is a child safe environment. We believe young people have the right to be heard and valued, and to express themselves without fear of ridicule.

Need more info? The Incredible Screenwriting Course video explains how the course works.

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