Invite Bunzaud to your School for Book Week 2020!

Invite Bunzaud to your School for Book Week 2020!

It’s the week when little humans don literary costumes and celebrate one of the greatest joys in life: reading books. Australian Book Week will be held 17-23 October 2020 and the theme is perfect for Bunzaud: Curious Creatures, Wild Minds. 

Need more space adventures in your Book Week? Bunzaud is ready to help!

The Alien Channel is taking reservations for Book Week author visits to primary schools, high schools and children’s groups in and near Brisbane.

Author Celeste Palmer will come to your school to talk about The Adventures of Bunzaud, how it came about and what’s coming next. She’ll explain how to use the medallion to decipher the secret story and how young people can create their own secret stories. The visit includes activities and surprises. It’s sure to inspire young writers.

Bunzaud is a quaint little inventor who lives on a small alien world.

He’s cheeky, ingenious and can’t stop digging himself into trouble! When he asks for his true love’s hand in marriage, not only does her father say no, he sends an assassin to kill the little alien.

The escape takes the couple on a wild space adventure to unknown worlds.

The Adventures of Bunzaud is filled with fun to delight all ages. With robots, spaceships, aliens, romance, a hairy assassin and babies in peril, the book has something for everyone.

The illustrated novel comes with a glow-in-the-dark decoder medallion and a secret story to decipher.

For more information or to reserve a place in the Bunzaud School Tour email Celeste at .

To find out all about The Adventures of Bunzaud book and medallion set, visit The Alien Channel Store.

Author visits from The Alien Channel are free during Book Week.

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