Bunzaud is here!

Bunzaud is here!

He’s cheeky, ingenious and can’t stop digging himself into trouble.

Bunzaud has landed on Earth and now you can meet him in his paperback novel The Adventures of Bunzaud!

What’s the book about? 

Bunzaud is a quaint little inventor who lives in the city of Peebleton on a small alien world.  When he asks for his true love’s hand in marriage, not only does her father say no, he hires an assassin to kill Bunzaud.  The couple flees in Bunzaud’s latest invention: a living spaceship.

Why is it awesome?

In addition to being a fun, quaint sci-fi story that’s filled with romance and adventure, the book contains a secret alien script and comes with a decoder medallion to enable the reader to decipher the code.

 The Adventures of Bunzaud, paperback novel and medallion set is available exclusively from The Alien Channel Store.

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